The importance of patient care often takes precedence over the check-box activities of our survey… and rightfully so. We understand it is a challenging balancing act.

Our onsite or virtual survey focuses on the big picture, compliance with accreditation standards and offering best bariatric practices that result in optimal therapeutic excellence in bariatric care and treatment. That is the primary mission of COTE.

Therefore, the onsite or virtual survey will always have its focus on the comprehensive patient experience at your center This will include the environment and infrastructure where patients are cared for.

Surveyors customarily request that you provide medical record summaries of pre-selected patients. The surveyors will audit and assess these records and trace patient experiences by interviewing the multidisciplinary professionals who have interacted with the patients, and ideally with the patients themselves.

You will have an opportunity to communicate with surveyor(s) prior to the survey. The survey will be conducted at mutually agreeable dates and times. There will be no surprises.

Being compliant with accreditation standards offers tangible value and insight for your center, your staff and most importantly, the population you serve.